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Please note: Lebanon patrons can only check out copies of items with the library name Lebanon


To apply for a library card, please bring photo ID and proof of your current address to the circulation desk.  If your photo ID (driver's license, for example) has your current address, that's all you need - otherwise, please bring a rent receipt, current utility bill (not more than 30 days old), property tax statement, or other official document that verifies your address.  Children under the age of 15 need to have a parent or legal guardian with them to sign the application, but those 15-17 years of age may register on their own if they have a current driver's license.


If you live within the Lebanon city limits, a library card one of the benefits that your city property taxes provide - there is no additional fee.


The Lebanon Public Library is funded entirely by city property taxes - Linn County does not provide any funding for library services.  However, you can can get a library card for a fee:

  • $50 per household (one-year)
  • $40 for seniors (60+) per household (one-year)
  • $30 for 6-months

If you live outside the city limits but own property inside the city, the city property taxes you pay entitle you to a library card - please bring a property tax statement that verifies both the address and your ownership of the property to have the nonresident fee waived.  Click here to access your property tax statement.

Loan Periods

Video DVDs circulate for one (1) week. 
All other materials circulate for three (3) weeks.


All materials may be renewed ONCE, if there are no holds on them.

Borrowing Limits

Six (6) video DVD's per household
Six (6) audio books per household
Six (6) music CD's per household

Fines & Fees

Library items not checked in by their due date accrue late fees of 20 cents per item, per day. Fines are calculated daily; notification is sent one week after due date.

Online Account

Patrons can check their library records, place holds, and renew items and search the library's catalog online
Simply enter your library card number beginning with PLEB (which is followed by zeroes) - include all letters and symbols, but no spaces. Your PIN number is available at the library. If you have fines or if someone else has placed a hold on the item, you cannot renew on-line.

Oregon Library Passport

Visit the Libraries of Oregon website to see a list of libraries where you're now entitled to a free "passport" library card.

Library access for the way Oregonians live

Oregon libraries traditionally supported cooperative programs that extend service across boundaries, including services such as Library2Go and AnswerLand.  These have a shared goal of meeting Oregonians where they are. The Oregon Library Passport Program builds on this tradition by providing access to physical materials as well.  The Passport Program is sponsored by the Oregon Library Association’s Resource Sharing Committee.

The Oregon Library Passport Program recognizes that library service ought to mirror the way Oregonians live, work, shop, and play, and reduce barriers to library service. The underlying premise of the Passport Program is that card-holders of tax-supported libraries ought to be able to use other tax-supported libraries.  The Passport Program is meant to be an exchange; a library extends service to users of other participating libraries, and vice versa.